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Ans Azura's online art auctions aim to recreate emotional, energetic bidding experiences for professional collectors without discouraging first-time bidders. The bidding experience is accessible and simple as you can bid online from the very comfort of wherever you are.

Ans Azura requests from each Seller all available documents related to the works of art such as the most recent condition report, the certificate of authenticity and other documents proving the physical condition, origin/provenance and authenticity of the work of art. All available documents can be provided to you on request prior to buying the work of art.

We perform verifications in relation to the works of art and we recommend, if possible, that you also view the works of art before buying.


Before bidding in auctions or buying on the Ans Azura platform please take the following steps:

Step 1

Create an account by using a valid e-mail address and providing your full name, age and your phone number.

Based on the information provided under step 1, you will be able to browse the Ans Azura platform, to follow auctions, save the works of art in which you are interested in or request alerts regarding your areas of interest.

We will send you an e-mail confirming that your account was created.

Step 2

For the full use of your account, namely for registration and participation in auctions and in order to complete direct sales, you should provide additional information as required on the Ans Azura platform and a copy of your passport or national identity document and complete the “know your client” (KYC) and “anti-money laundering” (AML) checks on the Ans Azura platform.

Please note that we must perform KYC and AML checks on all clients in order to comply with applicable European legal provisions.

Step 2 may be completed either when creating the account or subsequently, by accessing the personal information section in the account previously created on the Ans Azura platform.

Please refer to our Privacy Notice for further information on the personal data processed by Ans Azura.

If you want to create an account on behalf of a company or an organisation, please contact us at

You may access the auctions section on the Ans Azura platform and register with your account to participate in auctions.

You will be notified before the auction starts.

Please note that all auctions are available online with at least 14 days before the bidding starts.


Auctions organised by Ans Azura will be held exclusively online. Part of the auctions will finish with a live session streamed on the Ans Azura platform. You will be able to participate in the auction from a device with internet connection, regardless of where you are located.

Please make sure that your internet connection and your device work in good conditions and read carefully the description of the work of art.

You may place bids for the works of art you consider buying once the auction begins.

Works of art will be sold to the bidder who offered the highest bid.

If you are the winning bidder, we will contact you by e-mail after the closing of the auction.

In the case of auctions, the Buyer’s Premium is calculated based on the gross portions of the Hammer Price, before any tax, expenses or any other deduction, as follows:

  • 22% for gross portions lower than or equal to EUR 150,000;

  • 18% for gross portions between EUR 150,001 and EUR 250,000;

  • 15% of gross portions higher than EUR 250,000.


You may also purchase certain works of art directly by accessing the curated exhibitions and private sales sections on the Ans Azura platform. The works of art listed in these sections have a fixed Sale Price which is either listed on the platform or provided to prospective Buyers upon request. 

In order to acquire ownership over the work of art, you should pay the Purchase Price which consists of the Sale Price plus 15% Buyer's Premium.


If you are the successful Bidder, Ans Azura will send you the invoice for the Purchase Price and applicable Buyer’s Expenses by e-mail. The Purchase Price consists of the Hammer Price, in the case of auctions and of the Sale Price in the case of curated exhibitions and private sale, plus the Buyer's Premium. 

The works of art which are subject to artist resale royalty rights ('droit de suite') are marked with an * in the description of the work of art. The amount of the royalties is calculated using a sliding scale of percentages of the Hammer Price, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Please note that payments are due within 10 Business Days as of the receipt of the invoice from Ans Azura.

Payments are due in EUR and should be made by bank transfer into Ans Azura’s bank account mentioned on the invoice.

Please note that the ownership over the work of art will be transferred to you when we receive the Purchase Price and any other applicable Buyer’s Expenses in full and cleared funds.


After paying the Purchase Price and the Buyer's Expenses, you should collect, arrange for the shipment or instruct us to ship the work of art.

The work of art will be shipped pursuant to the delivery instructions you provided to us upon payment.

Generally, until collection, the work of art will be stored by the Seller. The location of the work of art will be specified in the description of the work of art.

Please consider that you will bear the costs related to packing, crating, transportation, customs duties, shipping insurance or other costs and applicable taxes related to the shipment.

Please find full details on Bidder's and Buyer’s Terms and Conditions here.



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