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If you are considering selling works of art through the Ans Azura platform, the first step is to request an auction estimate from one of our specialists. You may do so by contacting us by e-mail at

When requesting an estimate, please provide initial information on the name of the artist, the name of the work of art, the year, the measurements and other technical details regarding the work of art, as well as clear and recent photos of the work of art (3000 pixels x 3000 pixels or above 3000 pixels on each side).

We will answer your request in up to 3 weeks and provide you with a provisional estimate.

Please note that we are unable to provide estimates or other information regarding property which is customarily not sold on the Ans Azura platform.

Please consider that, in order to provide an estimate, our team of experts might need to examine the work of art at its location and that the work of art should not be sent to us, unless explicitly required.

After we establish that the work of art is appropriate to be sold on the Ans Azura platform, we will provide you with a revised and final estimate.

We will also establish with you a low and high estimate range for each work of art, and if agreed upon a reserve price which should be equal to, or lower than the low estimate. We will not sell your work of art below the reserve price.

Please note that the low and high estimates will be made available on Ans Azura platform for persons considering buying the work of art, while the reserve price will not be published.

We will agree on the conditions of sale, the date on which the work of art will be offered for sale and whether it is most appropriate to sell it at an auction, a private sale or include it in our curated exhibitions.


If we agree on the conditions of sale and following our discussions you decide to appoint us as agent to offer for sale and sell the work of art on the Ans Azura platform, we will conclude an agreement in this regard.

Please consult the Seller’s General Terms and Conditions here.


The commission payable by the Seller to Ans Azura will be agreed under the Specific Terms and Conditions concluded between you and Ans Azura, prior to the work of art being displayed on the platform.

Please consider that you may also be charged other costs such as framing, restoration, packing, crating or transportation costs, taxes, duties and VAT, which may be due based on your jurisdiction. We will discuss and agree upon all costs and taxes in advance.


We will agree on whether, after the signing of the agreement and until the collection by the Buyer, the property will be stored by you or by us. 


We will notify you by e-mail at the latest within 10 days after the work of art is sold. In the case of auctions, we will inform you about the Hammer Price and your proceeds of sale resulting after the deduction of our commission and of any applicable costs and taxes.


Please note that we will send you the proceeds of sale within 45 days after we receive the Sale Price and any other applicable fees or taxes payable by the Buyer in full and cleared funds.


If the work of art is not sold, we may sell it within one month as of the end of the initially agreed term. Please kindly note that if the property is not sold during this additional one-month period and it has been delivered to us, you should organize and collect the work of art within one month.



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