From Transmission to Transgression. Reflection on modern and contemporary artists of the MENA.

“FROM TRANSMISSION TO TRANSGRESSION” features Modern and Contemporary Art from the Middle East and North Africa.

Our selection reflects the cross-generational dialogue between some of the most visionary artists in the region.

Arab Modernism explored questions around national identity, postcoloniality, and the duality of tradition and modernity. Its legacy binds the past to the present, paving the way for the daring transgressions witnessed in Contemporary Arab art today.

Often concerned with the rapidly changing political, social, and ecological landscapes, contemporary artists in the region are reinterpreting the aesthetic and conceptual concerns of their predecessor, opening a dialogue between the global and the local.

We are delighted to present to you an extraordinary constellation of regional art from the Modern and Contemporary era, featuring names like Simone Baltaxé, Rana Raouda, Laura Braverman and Sara Chaar.

Join us in reflecting on past artistic legacies and celebrating the contemporaneous transmissions and transgressions that are reshaping the regional art scene today.

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