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Bibi Zogbé

1980 - 1973

Additional info:

Bibi (Labibeh) Zogbé was a Lebanese painter and sculptor born in Beirut in 1890, in Sahel Alma, Lebanon. At a young age, she moved to Argentina where, later, she studied painting under Bulgarian artist Klin Dimitrof. Bibi began her artistic career with three consecutive solo exhibitions, the first being at The Witcomb Gallery in Buenos Aires, the second at Charpentier Gallery in Paris, in 1935, and the third in Chile in 1939. She continued exhibiting throughout South America where she became known as the “Flower Painter”. The rest of her artistic career was spent traveling between Argentina, Senegal and Paris, fusing whatever inspiration she drew from these places into what eventually became her own style: the colors of the Fauvism movement, the delicatesse of Art Deco, brought into the calm of the life of flowers and plants. Zogbé's art has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including in Lebanon, France, the United States and Japan. She is considered one of Lebanon's most important modern artists.

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