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Jacques Hérold

Piatra Neamț, Romania, 1910 - Paris, France, 1987

Additional info:

Jacques Hérold was a Surrealist painter, whose works are associated with the late-Surrealist period, Lyrical abstraction and Tachisme. Growing up in the Danubian port city of Galați, he later on studied at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest, which he quit for working in an architecture office. Starting with the 1930s, he moved to Paris where he maintained a close friendship with Constantin Brâncuși, and became accepted in Breton’s group. Hérold’s works possess remarkable originality, and he was a skilled colourist. Jacques Hérold received the Copley Foundation prize in 1958, and in 1959 he had an exhibition at the Tate Gallery, London. In 1986, he exhibited works at the Venice Art Biennale.



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