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Nicolae Comănescu

b. Pitești, Romania, 1968

Additional info:

Nicolae Comănescu is a contemporary visual artist and one of the founders of the Rostopasca art group. He is one of the first Romanian artists to record the impact of open, global communication systems on meaning-making processes based on traditional mediums of information. Experimentation becomes an instrument of research for inexhaustible realities and a natural component to his healthy awareness of the political conventions shaping the collective consciousness of his generation. Many of his works focus on Bucharest, integrating the life, architecture and politics of the city into his paintings. Comănescu studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Bucharest between 1991-1998. He has had exhibitions at art institutions and manifestations including MARe Museum of Recent Art Bucharest, National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, Sofia Art Gallery, Trieste Contemporanea, Istituto Tommaseo, the 8th Venice Architecture Biennial, 49th Venice Art Biennial, CNIT de La Défense, Paris, H'Art Gallery Bucharest, ITARICON-Art Gallery, Dresden, Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf - Kulturamt, Düsseldorf.



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