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Nicolae Vermont

Bacău, Romania, 1866 - Bucharest, Romania, 1932

Additional info:

Vermont lived in an era when most artists interpreted Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in their work, adding these cultural innovations to their own national specificity. Vermont belongs to a rather inconsistent category of artists, the ones who showed continuous fluctuation when it came to adopt an artistic style. Therefore, Vermont’s works, just like the works of Ipolit Strâmbu (1871 – 1934) and Alexandru Satmari (1871 – 1933), can be characterised by a strong eclectic nature, illustrating the ambiguity of Romanian culture at the transition between the two centuries (19th and 20th) and the attempt to liberate art from the authority of academism. Refusing the academic conformity, Vermont joined a group of independent painters in their renewal movement, being among the founding members of the “Ileana” and “Artistic Youth” societies, where he exhibited regularly. Throughout his career, Vermont changed his interests and studied people from all social classes. The harmony in his works came from the balance between the subject and the diverse techniques he mastered.



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