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Octavian Angheluță

Brăila, Romania, 1904 - Bucharest, Romania, 1979

Additional info:

Octavian Angheluță was a Romanian painter, known for his portraiture, often adopting a humoristic and critical perspective over its subjects, as well as for his harmonious and varied use of colour. Angheluță painted portraits of important Romanian cultural figures of the 20th century, including the likes of Constantin Piliuță, Corneliu Baba, M. H. Maxy, or Petru Comărnescu. He studied under G.D. Mirea and Camil Ressu at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, from where he graduated in 1928. Angheluță exhibited his works in Bucharest, Helsinki, Venice, Moscow, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Philadelphia, in both solo and group presentations.



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