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René Magritte

Lessines, Belgium, 1898 - Schaerbeek, Belgium, 1967

Additional info:

René Magritte, born on November 21, 1898, in Lessines, Belgium, was a surrealist master renowned for his thought-provoking and enigmatic artworks. His journey into the art world began with traditional styles, but it was his immersion into Surrealism that defined his legacy. Magritte's paintings often featured ordinary objects in extraordinary contexts, challenging perceptions and inviting viewers into a realm of dreamlike symbolism. One of his most iconic works, "The Treachery of Images," with its caption "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" (This is not a pipe), encapsulates his fascination with the interplay between reality and representation. Throughout his career, Magritte's meticulous craftsmanship and unique perspective garnered international acclaim. His ability to infuse the mundane with a touch of the fantastical set him apart as a surrealist pioneer. René Magritte passed away on August 15, 1967, leaving behind a legacy of bewitching images that continue to captivate and intrigue art enthusiasts around the globe.



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