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Sultana Maitec

1928 - 2016

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Sultana Maitec was a Romanian painter and graphic artist and a member of the Union of Fine Artists of Romania. Trained in the school of realist figurative art of the 1950’s, when socialist ideology tried to take control of artistic discourse, Sultana Maitec managed to maintain a distinct, individual profile. Living in the so-called “golden age” of Romanian communism, Sultana Maitec chose gold as her medium of expression, thereby protecting her work from any interference from ideological censorship. Through her choice of materials, she succeeded in depicting a world that was in many ways impossible to represent. She positioned herself as a non-figurative painter and chose her own path of resistance against the dominant ideology of her time. Her works have been presented in various exhibitions in Romania and abroad, including in the Romanian Academy, Rome; Mall Galleries, London; National Art Gallery, Athens; The Art of this Century Gallery, New York; Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh; Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; Mücsarnok, Budapest; Foundation Nationale des Arts Plastiques, Paris; and Gallerie Jeanne Castel, Paris.

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  • Sultana Maitec
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