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Vasile Gorduz

Trifești, Basarabia, 1931 - Bucharest, Romania, 2008

Additional info:

Vasile Gorduz was a Romanian sculptor, professor at the Bucharest Fine Arts Academy and founder of Groupe 9+1 who worked primarily in stone, metal and porcelain. He realised statues of important Romanian intellectuals, such as poet Mihai Eminescu or Christian dissident Petre Țuțea. Taking inspiration from Brâncuși, he developed some of the themes in a reversed or different manner, closer to a mythical dimension. His sculptures were meant to acquire the patina of an ancient time, being left by the artist in the sea or in gardens for periods of time. Gorduz received numerous awards and distinctions, and his works are in a number of collections in France, Italy, England, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, and other countries. He worked and exhibited often together with his wife, Romanian sculptor Silvia Radu, who organised a consistent retrospective exhibition of his body of work at Mogoșoaia Palace, close to Bucharest.



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