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"Match Made in Style - Art & Design", the very selection where the worlds of art and design converge to celebrate the perfect fusion of aesthetics, creativity, and innovation; a curated collection of pieces that exemplify the perfect marriage of form and function.
Our carefully selected artworks and design objects represent the harmonious relationship between the two disciplines, where each creation tells a unique story of craftsmanship, inspiration and the seamless blending of artistic vision with practical utility.
Immerse yourself in this inspiring journey through the realms of artists and designers who have redefined what's possible, pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and utility.
"Match Made in Style" isn't just an auction; it's an invitation to explore the intersection of creativity, innovation and sheer elegance. Be part of this exceptional event, where every piece embodies a match made in style.

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Conditions of sales

The works of art which are subject to artist resale royalty rights ('droit de suite') are marked with an * in the description of the work of art. The amount of the royalties is calculated using a sliding scale of percentages of the Hammer Price.

Lots featured on Ans Azura’s platform may be subject to export regulations in the country where they are located and import regulations in the country where they will be shipped to. The location of each Lot is marked in its description.You are responsible for ensuring that you understand and comply with all relevant laws or regulations applicable in relation to the export or import of any Lot that you intend to purchase.

By registering to bid in auctions and by bidding on the Ans Azura platform you agree to the Bidder’s and Buyer’s Terms and Conditions which you may consult here. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By bidding you accept personal liability to pay the Purchase Price consisting of the Hammer Price and the Buyer’s Premium plus the applicable Buyer's Expenses. Please note that the Total Cost Calculator will display the amount including the estimated Buyer’s Premium, exclusive of related artist resale royalties and any shipping expenses and all duties, taxes, VAT, and/or custom processing fees payable by the Buyer.



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